It's Monday and my first blog entry!!!

I have thought about this for a long first blog entry.  I haven't been able to capture the inspiration I needed. However, I just saw the photos from a particular wedding in January and it hit me-this is it! The couple couldn't be kinder, funnier, happier and more true to themselves and each other.  They are completely adorable and 5 years ago, they were the singers in the band at my wedding!!! It was so incredible not only being a guest at this beautiful wedding but getting to spend the morning with "the girls" doing hair and makeup for them. 

We spent the morning at an Airbnb in St Petersburg, FL, getting the ladies ready and the guys spent the morning at the Hollander Hotel, doing whatever it is that guys do before a wedding-one of life's greatest mysteries...

*The ceremony and reception was the gorgeous Museum of Fine Arts in downtown St Petersburg, FL.  

Please enjoy these beautiful photos!  Bride Hair and Makeup-Lauren Westmoreland, Bridesmaid Makeup-Lauren Westmoreland, Bridesmaid Hair-Jerry Booth, Photographer-Yaroslav Vinokurov